Dan Tanaka
The journey in becoming professional wrestling referee began on December 29th, 2001.  That evening Dan Tanaka received his first training from the senior official of Northeast Championship Wrestling, Chris Santone just a few hours before the promotions event later that evening. Dan made his debut as he refereed his first series of matches in an American Legion Hall in Natick, Massachusetts.

Dan continued training under local wrestler, TJ Richter at the Squared Circle Academy in Providence, Rhode Island, and then the WrestlePlex in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Dan later trained with Slamtech Wrestling University in Pawtucket, Rhode Island under “Brutal” Bob Evans.  Dan also made attendance at seminars lead by wrestling legends for extra training.

Dan Tanaka and Rufferee Diamond BabyDan Tanaka with the late rufferee: Diamond "Baby" (R.I.P.)

Through the years, Dan refereed for prominent promotions of the New England region, including by not limited to Chaotic Wrestling, Wrestling Federation of America, Eastern Pro Wrestling, and New England Championship Wrestling. Dan also went on to referee for Ring of Honor, in matches featured on Ringside Member Exclusive Video On Demand, DVD Bonus Matches, YouTube Exclusives, and even Nationally Televised.

As of July 2015, Dan is based in the Metro Detroit, Michigan area, where he continues the journey, now regularly refereeing for Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling All Stars.

To book Dan Tanaka on your professional wrestling event, interviews for print or podcasts, send an email: dan@dantanaka.com

Dan Tanaka Raising Michael Elgins ArmDan Tanaka raising Michael Elgin's arm.
Screen shot from ROH TV.
Dan Tanaka Kelly KleinDan Tanaka, enforcing rules on Kelly Klein as a cheat move is made on Crazy Mary Dobson.
Photo Credit: Ring of Honor

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