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Favorite things about 2017.

It’s been a struggling year, but I won’t complain too much, nor get into specifics of the negatives. Milestones have been a bit of a plateau for me, as I did not work with any of the national promotions this year. It’s a kick in the balls, but I don’t point the blame at the promotions nor their decision makers. Things are the way they are now, and things change often. The good times don’t always last, and just because the good times aren’t there doesn’t mean it’s all bad. If it is bad…you make the right moves with the right attitude, the bad times won’t last either. The good times can come back at any moment. Back to work, right?

I’ve found that the teams I’ve been running with since moving to Michigan have given me the benefit of the doubt. I’m still sort of a stranger around these parts, and I’ve never been sure if I’ve been perceived as someone who is full of themselves and can do no wrong type of attitude, or someone who will take responsibility of their own wrong doings in the situations. Sometimes I felt like I had to reassure them even though they say, “everything is cool”. I’ve had a couple things go down that were able to work between me and the other individual privately resolved. I’m thankful for these guys giving this new guy a chance to prove themselves in being trustworthy in good faith.

Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling at COBO Center! It was a long day of convention meet and greet, a matinee wrestling event featuring XICW’s Proving Ground brand, and later that evening the XICW main stage wrestling. Though Cobo was once an arena, now a convention center, this was the late “Sweet Daddy” Malcom Monroe’s dream come true brought forth by his son Malcom Monroe II. It was truly an honor to be a part of this milestone, and to referee the Xtreme Intense Championship Match of “The Franchise” Shane Douglas vs. Al Snow.

My wife and I became homeowners. There are pros and cons to it compared to renting an apartment…but the pros outweigh the cons by a long shot. Sure our pipes froze and it was a headache of two days getting that sorted out. In the end, there isn’t any laundromat units, or parking spaces to fight for. Also…we can relax in the evening through the night and not hear some ghetto wannabe rapper blast their “beats”, or hear their kid run, stomp and jump while screaming all hours of the night. It’s just far more peaceful and private for us, and our dog!

I have projects I would’ve loved for this year to be the start, but maybe it will be next year. I won’t make a resolution out of this, as things are not 100% certain. It will take a financial investment, time, and practice. As things formulate I will post them for sure. Should things get going as soon as I’d like them too, I’m sure it will be challenging to learn, but fun to have a final product.

Happy New Year, have fun, and stay safe.

Happy Festivus! It’s time to air some grievances!

Airing of grievances for 2017…

You can block anyone and any pages you want on Facebook but you can’t block Mark Zuckerberg nor his wife. You can’t even put them on “hidden”, forcing users to see whatever BS they want to promote or claim. But hey at least it’s still a free service right?

Rehashing movies into musicals. Namely A Christmas Story. Maybe it’s “not new” but it still happened and shouldn’t have happened. Especially since they made it all politically correct instead of using the original dialogue. I mean really, you had Ken Jeong in there who played Chow in the hangover! “But it’s 2017!” Get real!

“Beyond Meat” sold in the meat section…despite that “Beyond Meat” isn’t meat at all! “Oh let’s manipulate meat eaters (said as if that’s a bad thing) to become vegetarians so animals no longer have to die!” Yeah, over the rainbow… If you like that kind of thing, go ahead but don’t try to dupe meat lovers into vegetarianism.

People complaining about others airing their grievances “as if you came up with it”. No one ever claimed they were being original with this! It’s always been pretty clear it’s influenced by being a fan of Seinfeld’s sitcom show! Oh but you want to play all peace, love, harmony and positivity 24/7 and not let anyone have their fun with this.

Now I prepare for the feats of strength!