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2018…The Call for Balance and Reevaluating.

December 29, 2018

Another year ending… I had intentions on writing more than just a year end blog this year, even if it were just one…life just kept me busy. Honestly I’m not much for writing opinions on hot button topics. I’d much rather talk about hobbies/projects, or something more related to professional wrestling or being a referee…and with that I like going with a unique look on it. It would take time to gather everything I’d like to cover on such topics and I’ve just had my hands tied with other more important responsibilities. I had other projects I wanted to dabble into and those had to be put on hold as well. I’m hoping 2019 will be the year I get to do these.

I mentioned in a Facebook post this past thanksgiving that my wife and I almost split after the summer. We were separated for a month. A lot of reevaluating went on, and as we got back together it was clear how a lot of changes had to be made. If you have a spouse or long term relationship, and they support your crazy lofty dreams and goals, never take it for granted. Invest your energy into the steps you make into quality measures instead of quantity. Don’t do too much of the shits and giggles… otherwise you may feel success without fulfillment, and even worse make your spouse and family feel like you do all these events and bookings to keep yourself away from them on purpose. I’m making these changes for me and my wife.

Wrestling was good but felt like a plateau for me. I take responsibility for this. I’ve signed up for mindset training. I should’ve completed my courses by now. Those will be stepped up as well. So far it’s helped me make some releasing of sore spots and settling mindsets. This training is geared for wrestling and I couldn’t be more grateful that this is available. It should’ve been taught a lot time ago. Better late than never and it’s never too late to start. That being said I am scaling back on bookings. There will be some promotions I still work with, and others I won’t be. I hold nothing against the ones I’m no longer working for. After evaluating what I’ve worked with over this year, I had to pick and choose which ones are serving me and justifying me being away from home, as much as I am serving them. I am thankful for what these promotions have given me being a new face in Michigan. This is just part of what I need to do to get myself back in the right track while maintaining my home life. Thank you, and I wish nothing but the best for their events.

My wife finished nursing school at the end of this summer. She started a nursing job at the beginning of October. It’s a huge deal as she was told she’d never be able to work again, following a car accident she was in a couple years before we even met. I’m very proud of the hard work she’s put in to get through school and start a job and taking her career back. A lot of my time has been spent trying to take care of her while she studied everyday for her exams. It was all well worth it. But it doesn’t nearly addy up to all she’s done for me to support all I do.

I’m not gonna make any outstanding proclamation, or preach “new year, new me” or say “this is my year”. I’m just gonna put in the work to get what I want, balance my energy and life, make wiser investments with that energy. I have no idea where it will get me, but I have to do the effort from the inside and out. I know what I want to do and where I want to go. All I know is it can’t work if I keep doing the same things I’ve been doing the past two years. Time to pick up and move on, as sour I may be and whatever chips I have on my shoulders. I’ve worked through my life through many things so why not this one too?

I guess we can say 2018 called for balance, reevaluating and resetting the sails.