Monthly Archives: December 2021

Another year down “with all that’s going on out there.”

I didn’t have anything to say at the end of last year because of “all that’s going on out there”, and it’s about the same this year. One thing I forgot to mention in my 20th anniversary post is that the past two years have been slower with events. Two years ago I separated from my marriage, and got my own place. With that life change, I decided not to take on too many extra bookings than what I was doing, just to get settled and adjust along with my dog adjusting to the change.

Soon after that, we had the whole shut down with “all that’s going on out there”, and events got cancelled, postponed, put up in undisclosed locations, and so on. I just took that time to let my mind, body and soul rest as I put in a lot of overtime with my fulltime job…that I never talk about other than right now.

I’ve only done maybe one or two events a month since then and it’s mostly been with XICW, which has been a great crew to work with, they are a bunch of supportive people. Normally none of us would want to put on a wrestling event in someone’s backyard, just because of how that can be perceived for video and pictures…but we did it anyway because there was really no other way to put on an event that point simply because we really wanted to work together again.

The Hot Rock in Warren, MI was finally able to open up fully, and the XICW events retuned there. Only to come up through this past summer to learn the property had been sold, and our event was the last event for the business to be open. I didn’t know it until that time how much that venue meant to the long time members of the locker room. I do remember a time when fellow referee, Brian Gorie said “this venue is a shithole, but it’s OUR shithole!”.

XICW lost two members this year. B.U.G. Royce Carney, and the time keeper, Greg Schmizzy. My personal friend, Kirsten passed away suddenly too.

It was a very slow amicable, and clean break of a process, but Meg and I came to terms of the dissolution of our marriage, finalized our divorce at the end of August. I wish Meg the best in her future endeavors. No need for mudslinging, moving on is all there’s left to do. I mean, we already did, quite some time ago.

Change can be tough, but you know what else is? Staying right there in the same thing all the time just because it’s there. Especially if that’s just now where you’re supposed to be. I’m still not sure where I’m supposed to be, but I’ll be out looking for other things that make me happy. So far, I’ve been good with rebuilding my life on my own…and my dog of course.

I can say things are generally better. I got my place set up more like a home now, and was able to pay off my credit card finally. Piper is healthy and happy, and I’m still alive and doing well. I don’t have any “resolution”, I’ll just make changes where I see fit and as I can make them work.

20 Year Anniversary.

Tonight marks my 20th anniversary as a pro wrestling referee. I started out training with some folks at Northeast Championship Wrestling, got a couple matches that night in a little American Legion Hall in Natick, Massachusetts. From there I got sent to a school to train more with TJ Richter, and a little later on I wound up with “Brutal” Bob Evans.

Like anything else in life, I’ve had a lot of good times, and some bad times. The good times don’t last, and the bad times don’t last either. From working internet tv tapings in a freezing cold mill building, flea markets, old converted movie theaters, opera houses, civic buildings, Hammerstein Ballroom, 2300 Arena, refereeing three 1 hour Iron Man Matches in the same week, becoming the “evil” senior official of Sean Gorman Presents Chaotic Wrestling, fans blaming me for an event being cancelled due to a snow storm (kinda, sorta, not really)…WWE Invite Tryout, moving my base to Detroit, Ring of Honor TV…I’m sure I could go on longer, but I think you get the point.

I don’t regret any of this. Sure its brought on a lot of pains, struggles, heartbreaks, and maybe caused some personal relationships to dissolve. I just don’t see myself having enjoyed doing this any other way.

Thank you to everyone involved in my journey in pro wrestling. Here’s to another 20 years?