I’m Going Home..

I haven’t put this out much publicly until now, even though it’s something I’ve talked about with some in passing over the past couple years. After the divorce being finalized last year, and now my moving help is more available, it’s come time for me to pack it all up and move back to Massachusetts. 

I moved to Michigan seven years ago to be closer to my wife’s (at the time) family, more especially her two kids who live with their father. Her grandparents on her mom’s side, as well as her mom passed away within a short time of each other. I was asked to move, and I felt it was the right thing to do for the family.

Michigan has been good to me. I’ve worked a full time job with a company that eventually promoted me to an assistant supervisors position. I didn’t become rich or anything but I made out alright in the long run. 

I went from a semi ghetto apartment, to home ownership in a mobile home…frozen pipes, raccoon invasion and evacuating them…, siding repairs…toilet fixings…the joys of owning a home…to moving out into another apartment that’s much better than the first apartment, mostly quiet, living alone with a dog.

The past couple years were rough as the mandatory overtime looked like it would never end. It paid the bills, and got the credit card paid off so I’m thankful for it all even though I was constantly exhausted. I didn’t venture off much with wrestling bookings as much as I would’ve liked to. I felt the need for rest, and of course didn’t want to leave my dog at home alone more than I already was. Piper handled it great though.

It’s challenging and sometimes funny starting wrestling in a new region. I came in with almost fourteen years of experience, but I only knew a few people here. Some I met at the Ring of Honor tryout/seminar camps. Some I met while making my rounds in Ring of Honor events as an extra/referee. I met Brian Gorie and Truth Martini there, and got to learn about Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling (XICW) on their social media accounts. This was a few years before moving out here… I thought how cool would it be if the wife and I were visiting her family in Windsor Ontario, if I could drive across the drive and referee XICW as a visitor. That never came to passing…but after a few months of living here, I got opportunities to work with XICW on their Proving Ground events, and shortly after that I was on their main cards, and got to be a part of their milestones such as the Cobo Center. It’s now been a little over six years of opportunities. On a funny note, when I first met Jaimy Coxxx he thought I was a fresh graduate from the House of Truth, and he asked me “how many matches have you refereed kid?” I was like “uhh….I don’t know off the top of my head, I keep a log…but It’s somewhere around 1,400 or 1,500…” 

While no one buys a ticket to see a referee…and nor should they…I’ll encourage you to check the events I’ll be working. My final dates for Michigan (and the Midwest) are August 13th, with Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling at the International Institute in Detroit, MI. Doors Open 7pm, Belltime 7:30pm. August 19th with Metro Pro Wrestling at the VFW in Wyandotte, MI. 7:30pm. August 21 with Grizzly Pro Wrestling at Grizzly’s Bar in Wyandotte, MI. Doors open 4pm, Belltime 5pm. 

Thank you everyone who has given this stranger a shot, and kept me around as long as you have. I hope I’ve served you all well.